Captain’s Comms 4th October 2017

Subs and Fees 2017/8:
Richard has advised me that less than half of the Golf Members Subscriptions have been paid. As of 1st October Members in arrears who have not made arrangements with Richard, or have not paid, will be charged visitors rates in fairness to those Members who have paid..

Country Club AGM:
Will be held Saturday 14th October 2017 at 10h30. All Members are urged to attend. There will be a shotgun start to a 4 ball alliance after the AGM.

Masters League:
We played Steenberg 30th September and halved 2/2. Jock/Ivan and Gerald/Angel won at home. Attie/Ken and Mike/Sean lost away.

Golf course:
I have been in regular communication with Les – the greenkeeper- and will try to give a broad outline of his programme for the course over the next few months.

·         Follow up herbicide spraying was done on 28th September. Parts of the rough were left long to have enough weed leaf for the herbicide to take effect. Neatening of rough will be done on an ongoing basis. (My comment “Rough must have some punitive effect”.)

·         The greens are being sprayed and will be heavily verticut early October. On 19th October greens will be hollow tined, topdressed and fertilised.

·         Sodding on the 9th green bare patched will be done after the above “spring programme”.

·         I have  noted calls for the buffalo grass runners on fairways to be extracted. We will be discussing this aspect and will advise on action.  We do have an improved lie local rule for relief should you need.

·         The Schedule 5 water restrictions state that NO municipal water may be used to water golf courses. We will use the “natural” water available to us circumspectly but will have great problems in watering the upper portion of the course. Discussions for possible solutions are being held.

I have published a local rule for relief on the 9th green. Please read the Board.

Score entry:
Please remember it is your responsibility to ensure that you open a round when playing and that you enter a score.

Forthcoming Events:
Sunday 5th November: Potjiekos day. Fun for all. Why not play 9 holes before.

Windhoek Lager International Pairs: Dates – Wed 8th November, Sat 9th December and in 2018 Wed 10th January and Sat 10th February. Please support.

Yours in golf,