Simon's Town is an unique course with intricacies you'll find no where else on the peninsula. This 9 hole course consists of 12 tee boxes and 10 greens that will test your golfing abilities to the utmost.

Hole 1
Par 3 - 170m
Stroke 5

Keep left on this daunting opening hole with its elevated green. Failure to do so will be difficult to save par.

Hole 2                                        Hole 11
Par 4 -  245m                             Par 4 - 242m
Stroke 13                                   Stroke 14

Play left of the trees as anything right brings trees and water into play for your second shot. 

Hole 3                                        The Thatch Roof
Par 4 - 270m
Stroke 15

Don't go to far right as a bunker and out of bounds awaits you. Approach from here keeping the left bunker out of play.

Hole 4                                        Hole 13
Par 4 - 307m                              Par 4 - 304m
Stroke 1                                     Stroke 2

Keep left off the tee as it opens the green for your approach shot. Please be mindful of players on the 6th &15th holes when teeing off.

Hole 5                                        Hole 14
Par 4 - 266m                              Par 4 - 263m
Stroke 11                                   Stroke 12

With out of bounds and water down the right, an approach shot from the left of the fairway will benefit you greatly.

Hole 6
Par 3 - 143m
Stroke 9

Keep on the right edge of this fairway, it may look easy but big numbers can be scored on this hole.

Hole 7                                          Hole 16
Par 3 - 115m                                Par 3 - 112m
Stroke 17                                      Stroke 18

A small green, protective bunkers and out of bounds down the left make this hole more difficult than it is.

Hole 8                                          Hole 17
Par 4 - 262m                                Par 4 - 259m
Stroke 7                                       Stroke 8

Keep the ball on the fairway and par is likely. Any shot right brings trees into play with bogey a strong possibility.

Hole 9                                          Hole 18
Par 4 - 302m                                Par 4 - 299m
Stroke 3                                       Stroke 4

An excellent drive is required as trees left and right of the fairway can scupper any chances for par.

Hole 10
Par 3 - 139m 
Stroke 10

An easy looking par 3, however, don't go right off this tee box as trees, out of bounds and an uphill chip will make par impossible.

Hole 12                                        The A Frame
Par 4 - 267m
Stroke 16

Overhanging trees, a bunker to the right and a grass knoll in front of the green provides adequate protection for this par 4. 

Hole 15
Par 3 - 183m
Stroke 6

The longest of our par 3's. A well place drive will ensure a good score. A monster into the wind. Good Luck.